Keto diet is too high-fat for heart patients, cardiologist warns – Cardiovascular Business

Keto involves consuming a diet low in carbs and high in fats to urge the body into a state of fat-burning ketosis. According to INSIDER, people following the diet can fuel up on 70% to 80% fat each day. To date, keto has been promoted as a way to stave off diabetes, improve focus and even potentially combat cancer.

Ethan Weiss, another cardiologist and a keto enthusiast himself, said cholesterol isn’t typically an issue with the diet, “but I’m not going to tell the people that do have trouble with their cholesterol that it’s not a problem.” He said he recommends his patients follow a “heart-healthy” keto plan, which would involve lots of fatty fish, olive oil, avocados and nuts, but evidence suggests most keto patients opt for bacon, heavier creams and coconut oil.

“It’s not about high-fat, low-fat,” Klodas said. “It’s good fat, bad fat.”

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