Does it work to bake with puréed cooked rice instead of rice flour?

I have been making microwave cornbread and mug bread as my GF bread options. For the cornbread I have been using a 1:1 blend of rice flour and cornmeal. Without the rice flour the cornbread is too coarse and crumbly.

I’m out of rice flour now and my local store here says they can’t get me rice flour. The Amazon prices for groceries isn’t good here. Living with celiac disease is a bit more difficult with limited grocery options. I tried making rice flour with a coffee grinder but it was too coarse and did not work at all.

So… I just made some thick congee to try to bake with tomorrow but the rice won’t break down completely and I thought maybe if I puréed it.

I don’t want to buy an expensive blender that can pulverize uncooked rice and I am wondering if I should buy a cheap immersion blender and use that to purée cooked rice for baking? I made a Carolina rice bread using cooked rice a few years ago and didn’t like it but the rice wasn’t puréed iirc.


TL;DR: Have you baked with pureed cooked rice instead of rice flour? How did it go?

Thanks to the Courtesy of :éed_cooked_rice/

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