Ujju Rotti Recipe (Indian Rice Flat Bread)

  • To prepare Ujju Rotti Recipe (Indian Rice Flat Bread), in a medium sized vessel Bring the water to a boil with salt and oil.

  • Lower the flame and pour the rice flour into the boiling water using a cup or a tumbler, pour it in the centre as much as possible.

  • Let it get cooked on a low to medium flame for 8-10 minutes uncovered.

  • Turn off the flame, take a wooden stick or a wooden spatula, run it under a tap to wet it and then mix the flour and water mixture vigorously until combined. This step must be done quickly to avoid lumps. This takes about 2 minutes. Cover for a couple of minutes and let it cool until you can handle the mixture.

  • Drop it on an oiled surface and knead well for about 5-7 minutes. Roll the mixture into a cylinder and divide them equally. This should give you about 4 equal sized balls.

  • Kneading should happen after wetting hands since the dough will stick to hands. Keep them covered at all times. Knead each ball for 15-20 seconds and roll it out just like regular rotis using rice flour. Just make sure you do it slow and steady since the edges might crack.

  • Roll out all the balls and stack the rotti on top of another on a plate first and then start roasting them. Use a little rice flour to avoid getting sticked to one another.

  • Heat a tawa and cook the Ujju Rotti just like a chapatti by smearing oil /ghee on both sides and serve with Badanekaayi Gojju, Peas curry, Malai Kofta or any pappu (dal).

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