Any advice for limited GF cooking situation while abroad?

Currently studying abroad for a semester and the community house I’m in only has

-2 George Foreman Grills

-2 microwaves

-and a crockpot

Which means no stove or oven. I know for a fact the grills have had bread on them so I was thinking getting a small baking sheet or something to put on top of it and keep that as a GF cooking surface? Honestly don’t know what to do at all, I’ve also only just recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease so this is all pretty new to begin with even without being thrown into an episode of Chopped with the cooking appliance set backs lol. Anyways, any advice is greatly appreciated!

Ps. Main shopping store available to us is a Tesco so if there are any good grocery items to pick up there that would also be helpful!

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