Stomach Pain / Birth Control Advice

Hi there! I’m 16 years old and I was diagnosed with celiac September 19, 2019 (What an awesome birthday present right?!). Since following the GF diet, my nausea has stopped, which was my only symptom, but I’ve had so much lower stomach pain. I have it at least once a day, where for anywhere from 1-60 mins, I’ll have dull to intense stabbing pain only treatable by heat and Tylenol. The pain only gets worse when my period rolls around. I got my period this morning, and by the time I was up and moving, the pain was unbearable. Thank goodness for Tylenol, because the pain did eventually go away. Anyways, so I’m kind of thinking that the pain is more from my uterus than my celiac disease. I’m having an ultrasound done on Monday to check for anything, but if nothing comes up, I’d like to go on birth control. Does anyone have any experience with different types of birth control as a celiac? I’m not sexually active or really planning to be, so overall effectiveness is superrrr important. I’m mainly just looking for a celiac safe birth control that will regulate or stop my period all together. Thanks in advance!

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