So disappointed

Last year I discovered an amazing pizzeria with chewy, delicious gluten free crust. I almost cried eating it because it was actual comforting comfort food. They had a dedicated gluten free wood fired oven! Went back today only to discover that they are now cooking everything together in both of their ovens.

Here’s what they said on their Instagram after people complained: “We have received an overwhelming response regarding no longer being able to offer a celiac-dedicated oven at our King St. location,” their story states. “We’d like to address your concerns because we hear you!”

The stories go on to explain their reasoning for ditching the GF oven, once again stating that without a gluten-free kitchen they no longer feel comfortable attempting to provide a celiac-safe environment.

“We will continue to offer gluten-free crust as well as well as other celiac-friendly options on our menu as alternatives and hope to host you again sometime in the future,” they wrote.

Ummm…you don’t want to offer the safer pizza in the dedicated oven but you “hear me” and will offer other celiac-friendly alternatives”? Yeah, no. The trust is gone along with my pizza.

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