Free Snack Box From Schar!

I can’t recommend Walmart brand Great Value GF stuff enough. Here’s a long as fuck list of my fav comfort foods. All tested and great imo. Some things require warming.


(4 Pack) Great Value Gluten-Free Creamy Deluxe Shells & Cheese, 12 oz

Great Value Gluten-Free Stroganoff Dinner Kit

Great Value Gluten-Free Crispy Rice Treats, 6.24 oz, 8 Count

Great Value Gluten-Free Butter & Herb Rice Pasta & Sauce Mix, 4.4 oz

Lance Sandwich Crackers, Gluten Free, Peanut Butter and Cheese, 5 oz, 4 Count

Sam’s Choice Gluten Free Classic White Bread, 18 oz

Aleia’s, Gluten Free Stuffing Mix, Savory, 10 Oz, Pack Of 6

Pioneer Brand® Gluten Free Country Gravy Mix 2.75 oz. Packet

MI-DEL Gluten-Free All Natural Arrowroot Animal Cookies, 8 oz (Pack of 8)

MI-DEL Gluten-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 8 oz (Pack of 12)

Gluten Free Café Noodle Soup – Chicken – Case of 12 – 15 oz.

Udi’s Gluten Free Individually Wrapped Snickerdoodle Cookies, 1.8 oz., Pack of 36

Pamela’s Products – Cookies – Pecan Shortbread – Gluten-Free – Case of 6 – 6.25 oz.

Dare Herb & Garlic, Gluten Free 4.76 Ounce

Goodie Girl Fudge Striped Cookies, 7 Oz

Krusteaz Gluten Free Honey Cornbread Mix, 15 oz Box

Sheila G’s Gluten-Free Brownie Brittle Chocolate Chip, 5 oz

Tyson Naturals® Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets, 20 oz. (Frozen)

Ian’s Gluten Free Fish Sticks, 14 oz Box Raw cookie dough

Immaculate Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

Can’t find this right now but it’s the best way to scare people by eating raw egg. X( Best cookie dough. Not gritty or anything

Ian’s Gluten Free Onion Rings

Couldn’t find a link but usually buy at Kroger.

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