Whole flour sourdough bread with cashew nuts and seeds!

Not really a recipe but some directions :

The flour is a blend of rice, buckwheat, teff and sorghum (60%) and then starches like tapioca and corn starch (40%), 70/30 will also still work with sourdough. Have tried a 100% without starches and it failed.

when your starter is active again, you mix that with a batch of ‘swollen’ psyllium in water, for 2 cups of flour bend I use about 2 cups of water with 2 tbps psyllium. After that, you mix that with the flour mix and some salt. I use kneading hooks of the mixer. Let it proof with a wet towel in a humid, not too cold environment. Longer proof, more sour taste. I do 12hours on average. This also has in the flour mix : some cacao powder for color and the nuts and seeds.

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