I’m intolerant and maybe got glutened, and have been waking up drenched in sweat for 3 days

On Saturday my sister and I went to a few places that were vegan (I also have a dairy allergy and she’s vegan) and had solid gf choices. It was fantastic and all, but I think I may have run into some gluten. A few hours after the last place we ate, my stomach bloated like crazy and was just hard as a rock. I went and laid down and woke up 5 hours later (I was sleep deprived so don’t worry about this part haha) just soaked in sweat.

All the “sleeps” I’ve had since then, I’ve woken up super sweaty. Like, I got up for ~15min in the middle of the night, went to lay back down and the whole bed was damp. There have been no temperature changes so I don’t know what’s up. I was also absolutely freezing Monday morning and shivering for 30min, despite it being like 45° and warmer than usual. My boyfriend said I was reacting like it was below freezing. My stomach has been flippy floppy too. I didn’t have the usual “lay on the bathroom floor with cramps so bad I cried” reaction this time and I don’t think I’m just coming down sick slowly and weirdly.

TL;DR I’ve been soaking the bed in sweat for 3 days after possible exposure, but was freezing & shivering yesterday morning. I’ve had an off stomach, but didn’t have the extreme reaction I usually have a couple hours after exposure. I don’t think I’m sick.

Is it normal to sweat while sleeping after getting gluten, and to have a completely different reaction from usual? I stopped eating gluten 7 years ago, FWIW.

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