Pretty sure I have a gluten sensitivity

I have always had massive brain fog and energy issues. To the point where I was given uppers by doctors to fix it (it never worked). I always walked around in a mental fog hoping to just lay down as much as possible. All the food intolerance tests came back fine, so I just assumed it wasn’t diet related.

Recently, I was put into an awkward situation. I headed off to school early, with no dinning halls being open.

The meals I had were pretty much: rice, beans, some dairy. But for a few weeks that was it.

I noticed an incredible amount of energy come back, it’s like the fog had been cleared.

Two days ago I tried out some bread as a test. Within 30 minutes of eating the bread, my brain fog and energy issues can back HARD. It’s unbelievable..

I have no science to prove it. But I have tried to eliminate everything else from my diet to solve these issues. And nothing worked. Gluten seems to be the answer

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