Keto Start! Days 1 – 4

My official start day was Saturday, January 18th.

Day 1 (Saturday)

I woke up and started my morning off with what I always do: coffee. Now, New York runs through these veins, and with it the sweet nectar of the Gods known as a Tim Hortons’ Triple Triple. I have been purged of this forbidden fruit for 8 months now, but without a shadow of a doubt I am still the girl who wants only a little bit of coffee with her cream and sugar.

In other words, I practically need to eat my coffee with a spoon it’s normally so thick.

I know Bulletproof coffee is a keto staple, and for those of you unfamiliar, the recipe can vary but typically consists of straight black coffee with butter and MCT oil (medium-chain trigylcerides). The purpose of this mix is not for flavor but for practicality and content: the fat, which is the macronutrient you are trying to get the most of, not only gives you long-term energy but keeps you feeling fuller longer.

However, to the gal with the insatiable sweet tooth, this concoction tasted like licking the bottom of your shoe. Even throwing in a bit of heavy cream for thickness and stevia for sweetener couldn’t make me swallow it without looking like somebody ran over my dog.

Historically, after messing with the bulletproof recipes and ratios, I did what I did best: I gave up.

Why am I going into so much detail about friggin coffee? Because of this little gem I found hiding near the almond creamers.

Have you ever had those coffee toffees called Nips? The ones that tasted like coffee in the same fashion banana Runts taste like bananas, not really but close enough and good anyway? I shit you not, this makes your coffee taste identical to Nips. Best. Investment. Ever.

So good, in fact, I have over half a bottle left today (four days later) and still went and picked another up. Worth it! With nonfat milk, MCT oil and butter ingredients, and at <1g per cup of coffee ratio, this is liquid gold to a keto coffee lover. Highly recommend!

Armed with my wickedly sexy coffee, I sat down and simply enough lost track of the entire day wordsmithing. I was toying with the idea for some time that I would be creating a blog, and contrary to the published date and time on my first post I actually began this endeavor on that Saturday morning. Because of this, inadvertantly I had started my keto journey with an intermittent fast, which had me registering ketones by nightfall. Score the first ass-backwards keto win, Cailee style.

Unfortunately, this left me irritable and with a raunchy headache all day long. Sorry Jacob. On the flipside, he got to partake in our favorite keto meal: fish (tilapia this night) and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

We have a bad habit of making too much of any kind of food, and it ends up going to waste. This was the result of only one bundle of asparagus and 6 slices of bacon. Absolute perfection!

Day 2 (Sunday)

For the second day in a row, I had completely forgotten breakfast existed (but never the coffee) in an attempt to launch this blog. As I am not one to willingly fast if I can help it, the distraction was welcomed, and allotted me wiggle room for a bad ass steak dinner. The screenshots of my tracking on Carb Manager follow.

I would like to point out that while I am extremely happy with my carb and calorie counts for the day, I am concerned about my protein intake. Mental note to reference keto Reddit to understand possible consequence.

Note the indulgent dessert gracing this menu. Sweets, especially before bed, have always been a weakness of mine, so it was nice to find something in the ice cream department that fit into my budget. Use em if you got em, right? Occasionally, that is.

My headache was a dull hum Sunday, but I believe my fluid uptick contributed to this factor. Much more aware of drink drink drink drink drink. Sluggishness at this point was my only indication of any keto flu.

Day 3 (Monday)

Monday is my late work day (the only time I head in in the afternoon), so there’s a bit of a ritual in place for my mornings. This morning, about to shower, I decided to hop on the scale for shits and giggles.

323.4 was staring back at me.

Read: 5.4 lbs lost in 2 days.

NOW. I understand! Water weight comes fast and quick. But boy, if that doesn’t make you instantly feel like you’ve made a good life choice. And furthermore even if I’m deluding myself, the placebo is MOTIVATING. So motivating, in fact, that I make muh breakfast: sausage, egg and cheese in lettuce wraps.

Nnnnnnnnot my finest flavor mashup, but keto is a lot of trial and error, yes?

Jacob made Stuffed Taco Peppers for dinner, which made up for the bad call breakfast.

Although he found this recipe long ago as a keto dinner on a keto website, my carb tracker registered it off the charts in carbs due to the green peppers. Where this dinner used to be a keto staple, sadly it either needs to become a rarity, or modified to green pepper slices instead of shells, taco salad style.

See, I’m still learning. Advice welcome.

Day 4 (Today, Tuesday)

Now that I’ve finally caught up, allow me to address you dear Reader: if you’ve made it this far through my babbling, I thank you for your company, it is nice to be going through this and sharing it with someone who may find humor, help, or commisseration in these thoughts. When your mind is 24/7 cook/log/eat/research/hunger/rummage/recipe/cook and the cycle begins again, it’s satisfying to have an avenue to put it all in. I hope you have been able to relate, or have found some comfort in my trial and error.

Today was a very odd day. I had a jury summons for the first time in my life, and it was an interesting experience. Unfortunately, it left me famished, and I ate a bigger lunch than expected. Slightly over my calories and absolutely crushing my fat macros, I only hit 11g of carbs for the day, so I’m not sure if I should be proud or concerned. I’m leaning towards proud, as it’s my understanding in the beginning carbs are your priority and the rest gets sorted later. If I’m wrong, please for the love of God correct me.

The thickets pork chops I’ve ever seen in my life. Rub in olive oil and the easiest spice mix ever (1:1:1 salt, pepper, paprika) and these were mouthwatering. If you’re having to slather something in sauce, you’re missing out on the meat!

Every day gets a little easier. Every day I understand more. Though I will not be posting daily, I will be checking in. It takes 30 days for something to become a habit. Only 26 more to go…

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