Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe Stuffed With Chocolate -Russian Syrniki Recipe

  • To begin making the Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe, prepare the paneer (cottage cheese) according to the homemade paneer recipe and keep aside. 

  • The next step it to make the pancakes.

  • Mix the sifted flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

  • Blend together the cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla in small food processor just until cheese is almost smooth. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir with a spatula just until combined. The mixture will be very sticky. 

  • Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a nonstick skillet on low-medium heat. Make sure that the butter is hot enough before you start frying the pancakes, but not smoking.

  • Using a medium cookie scoop, scoop a ball of dough. Then place the chopped chocolate inside the scooped ball of dough, and put it directly on the flour. Sprinkle flour over the top of the ball. Continue the process with the rest of the dough, until it’s all gone. You should get about 7-8 balls.

  • Lightly pat on the balls to remove the excess flour. Then flatten the ball with your palm to make it into a patty and place it in the skillet.

  • Fry both sides on low-medium heat until golden brown then place on paper towel to remove any excess oil.

  • Dust the Cottage Cheese Pancake (Russian Syrniki) with powdered sugar and serve with strawberry coulis and garnish with some freshly cut strawberries.

  • The Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe is quick and simple to make and makes a wholesome snack box for kids school or even an after school snack.

  • Serve Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe Stuffed With Chocolate with Fresh Fruit Bowl and Punjabi Style Espresso Coffee for a brunch.

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