32 year old male. Tested for celiacs last month, which came back negative. Tested for wheat allergy last week, results have come back moderate. No idea what this means or next steps

At the title states, I am a 32 year old male trying to understand some recent allergy test results.

Up until about last year, I “wasn’t allergic to anything…” well at least that was was I thought / what I told folks.

I had an allergy test a few month back, and at about the same time, got tested for celiac disease because of some stomach issues that eventually passed. The allergy test itself suggested I was allergic to a range of things – pollen, cats, dogs, and more. The celiac disease test came back negative.

Well about two weeks ago, I was getting blood tests done for things unrelated to allergies but was given the option to add on a blood test for basic food allergies.

Well I just got the IgE results, and it looks like I have a “moderate” allergy to wheat. Honestly, no idea what this means or even how this has been effecting me. Ive had a lot of muscle aches and joint pains over the last decade, but thought it was the result of just growing older. Maybe it has to do with an allergy?

What should I do? Should I schedule an appointment with an allergist? Does it make sense to give up wheat? Or gluten?

Bonus photo: my allergy test.

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