Anybody’s non celiac gluten sensitivity ever go away with time?

Like the question says, has anybody’s gluten intolerance ever gone away with time?

Before I developed it a year ago I had never had any health issues and no diet issues ran in the family.

I had started working night shift as a delivery driver working long hours and under constant stress. During that time my bread intake increased probably 10 fold. Alot more sandwiches, bars, fast food, etc.

I ended up developing constant diarrhea, nausea and this hollow/hunger feeling in my stomach. Lived with it for almost a hear cause I was in denial that diet was the issue for me.

Finally cut out all gluten and things have gotten much better for me.

This makes me wonder if I may be able to eat foods containing gluten in the future. Providing I have a long enough break from it since it appears to have been caused by excessive bread consumption in my case.

Any input would be appreciated

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