What can I eat at a restaurant when on Keto?

A big part of my New Year resolutions was to not eat out as much as I was the year before but it is inevitable, there is always something coming up, like a birthday or celebration or just my laziness, that had me going out to a restaurant. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, I know were going to go out and I’ll have to be careful about what I am eating.

I just want to say that I did meet my weight loss goal for January (yay!) I am hoping that you did too. Let’s make February just as good, or even better.

So, you are asked to go out with some friends to a restaurant and you haven’t really been to one since you started your journey or not broken your diet when you have gone in the past, what can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen? There are many ways to keep you right on track.

What I always like to do is be prepared so when I actually am out with my friends or family, I can enjoy myself and not be worried about the food. I always make sure that I drink a lot of water before I do go out because it will also curb my appetite for me to think with my head, and not my stomach. I also order water and drink a water with every alcoholic beverage I have, if its that kind of night. I also try and look at the menu before hand to make sure that I know what I can have and the modifications I will need to make in advance so I can quickly order and not keep anyone waiting.

If you would like an app with your meal, I suggest going for something thats cheesy or meaty. Dry rib bites, or cheese dip and use minimal crackers or ask for a side of veggies instead of the chips, or go with the chips instead of the naan bread. I usually skip the app all together and make sure I get a big enough meal.

For my meals, I usually focus on having a meat and veggies because I know that these are the most safe and I don’t have to inquire with the server (and in front of everyone I am with) if they are Keto friendly. My go-tos are usually a creamy chicken dish with a side of veggies or a sirloin steak also with a side of veggies (pictured below, the best!). I also opt for meals that I cans lettuce in for the bread like burgers or fajitas. Salad’s are also a safe bet, just don’t add in any crutons!

Mushroom Melt Sirloin Steak

Deserts are usually a no-go at restaurants, but if you and your friends want to split something, I’m sure it won’t hurt you to have a couple of bites. Just don’t get carried away, and maybe do some strict IF (8/16) the next day or walk it off in the morning. I also usually have Keto friendly/sugar free deserts at home, so if I know I have something waiting for me, it also gives me al little more strength on saying no as well. You just have to find what works for you!

I want to hear what your favourite meal is from a restaurant you’ve recently been to. Give me so ideas that I must try! As always, thanks for sticking around, please give me a like and a follow if you enjoyed my post!

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