Amora lost 71 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Amora lost 71 pounds. While dealing with family, work, school, and a toxic relationship, pounds that she lost years before crept back on. After her beloved mother passed in 2017, she decided to refocus on herself, improve her eating habits, and become more active. 

Amora before and after

Highest weight: 350 pounds
Current weight: 279 pounds.
Height: 5’10”

Taking the time out to understand myself was CRUCIAL the second time around. I successfully lost 90 pounds before, back in 2011. However, between work, school, and a toxic relationship, the pounds crept back on before I knew it. None of my clothes fit, and I tipped the scale at the highest weight I’ve ever been: 350lbs at 5’10”.

The shift was gradual, but I told myself, “This time, I’m putting me FIRST.” I made a routine out of what made me feel good and eliminated what didn’t. I started journaling my emotions so I wouldn’t eat them. 

When my mother transitioned in 2017, I knew it was go time. I would take long walks and end up in tears because I realized that I had gained all this weight from holding in so much. It was extremely NECESSARY for me to release the spiritual baggage before the change could occur. 

I began my journey on December 31, 2017, so it’s been two years since I’ve started my journey. I’m not finished yet, and I am content with that. I am growing at my own pace, and I’m at peace with the beauty of being patient. No, it’s not your average story, but it’s mine. Realistic and carefree; Without restrictions and grand expectations. Awareness of self is how I released 70+ lbs and counting. Every day I discover something new, and honestly, that’s what worked for me.

Amora before and after

Exercise Routine: I worked out about three times a week, but I also had a job where I would have to stand and walk around for my entire shift. After a while, I signed up for the gym to take exercise classes because I got bored with the stationary equipment. I absolutely love Zumba! 

If I worked out at home, I would do Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds

Eating Habits: I ate what I wanted honestly, but I would eat within a six-hour time frame, from 12P-6P or 6P-12A. Also, I’m not too fond of the smell of raw meat, so eliminating it from my diet wasn’t completely difficult to do. 

Biggest Lesson: The biggest lesson I’ve learned is there will always be a test with your name on it. Don’t waste time comparing your results to someone else’s.

My Advice: I believe excess weight is a physical representation of an emotional burden. Too often, we get caught up in work, school, family, and KIDS that life becomes something we do instead of something we enjoy. Slowly, you become your last priority. Focus on letting that mindset go. Put yourself first, and the weight will follow.

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Amora before and after

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