Glutino discontinuing “Favorite Sandwhich Bread Mix”?

I have Celiac disease and I have been eating bread made by a bread machine from Glutino’s Gluten Free “Favorite Sandwhich Bread Mix”. When I first started eating the bread, decades ago, it was “OK”. Glutino then changed the formula and it became *very* good. Then, several months to a year ago, Glutino changed the formula again and the bread was *disgusting* >:( I called them up when this happened and then said that they had received thousands of complaints. They finally changed their formula again, but it wasn’t as good as “version 2” of the formula, because of the guar gum xanthan gum mix.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to find the mix in the local grocery stores around where I live so I’ve had to buy it off of Amazon which is about twice as expensive >:( Today, I called up Glutino and told them about the situation and asked them whether they could sell directly in bulk, in, say, 16-packs, with a lower per-item price. The rep, who seemed rude, barked back at me that they don’t sell directly to consumers. I then mentioned that there was a Glutino Online Store at their site and I don’t remember what the rep said about that. Then, the rep told me that they had discontinued the mix! It’s probably because they’re incompetent because the “version 4” mix wasn’t too great — they should have gone back to “version 2”.

Any ideas of where to get another brand of “white sandwhich bread” mix which is as good or better than Glutino?



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