What are your reactions to eating gluten?

I’ve found out some months ago I’m gluten intolerant and I made the mistake a few times to think: “Well, maybe it’s gone now, right? Right?…” and tried something with gluten. I got a few different reactions and some times I got some reactions from things I’m not sure had gluten or not. So, I’d like to know other people’s reactions to having eaten gluten to make sure some of these things aren’t just on my head.


  • I was curious if I could sustain some chocolate with gluten, ate a bar and:

    • Got diarrhea for a few days

    • For two weeks had the sensation my brain was working at 60% of what it normally does

    • Couldn’t concentrate on anything, thus unable to work and study

  • Took a bath with a Oat Soap, didn’t pay attention about the Oat thing and:

  • Ate bread (few weeks after the medic asked for some exams, nothing had been diagnosed yet):

  • Ate a snack I’m not sure how it was made:

    • Weakness for 3 days

It’s kinda hard really to know if I’m being paranoid some times or if it’s really gluten because I don’t know anyone who has it neither no one in my family has it so no one have any experience with it, really.

EDIT: I should say I also get extremelly hungry (or maybe it’s something else making me think I’m hungry) when I eat something I’m not sure if has gluten or not.

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