Trust me I’m a Doctor – Don’t!

Hi all
I don’t know if any of you caught the episode on Wed night. Watch between 12-18 mins in (probably only available in UK).

I was struggling to find anything trustworthy within those few minutes. No balance, no evidence presented for sweeping claims, no conflicts covered, using a US photo to talk about a UK programme (UK farming is a whole different ball game), interviewing a vegan and not giving balance to the vegan agenda, no warnings about the nutritional deficiencies of the EAT Lancet diet. It was shocking.

I’ve sent in a complaint – mine was too long, so I had to post a letter. If any of you feel inspired to do the same, please do. My complaint is here and then you can use any of my arguments and/or share your own. Do share any thoughts here too.

Very best wishes – Zoe

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