Dinner at home routines

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I believe that having dinner together at home is a valuable opportunity to connect as a family. Furthermore, preparing the food at home allows me to be sure that what I serve is of good quality for my loved ones (taking into account their preferences, but also intolerances/allergies like glutenfree).

But as we all know time is scarce (esp. as a parent!) and preparing dinners for the family can be a struggle each week. I want to help us, to make cooking at home easier.

So i’ve started to create an app which helps with meal planning and shopping, which often held me back from cooking at home. I hope that with this app, it will get easier and more fun to cook at home, and by that having greater dinners with your family.

Want to be part of my mission and help me to fine tune the app? I would be more than happy to have people join me in my cause. I’ve setup a list where you can register here:


Or feel free to DM me here for more info.

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