sinus pain while gluten free?

Hey all,

I recently went gluten free following a negative blood test for celiac, as I still want to see if I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I’m on day 4 right now, and my itchy throat/cough that I’ve had for almost two years is almost gone, and my stomach feels a bit better and haven’t been having diarrhea like I have been the past year, but my other symptoms haven’t changed yet as I’ve only just started. The only other change is that today I’ve been having a ton of sinus pain, around my cheeks and forehead. I was wondering what this might mean? My other symptoms I’m trying to quell through this diet are depression (which I’ve tried to be treated for for years but to no avail), brain fog (which has caused my grades to severely plummet), severe anxiety, joint pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, palpitations, and a few others. Thanks in advance!

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