Advice for gluten and egg-free treats?

I’m a baker, and I’ve been baking for years. My friends know me as the baker, and I’ve seduced my school’s faculty’s tastebuds with my scones and cookies. I’m known for baking things for my friends, and do it out of seeing their tender smiles.

But I’m not here to brag about my skills. I recently made a new friend. As I do for all friends, I’ve been tempted to bake cookies for him. However, I’ve learned that he has a plethora of allergies, including to gluten and eggs. I feel bad because he rarely ever eats sweets, and I want to make something special for him. Cookies are my specialty, and I want to give him a taste of my baking.

I would go to the internet, but I’d rather have genuine responses. I would appreciate any and all advice anybody could give. I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you, and bless you.

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