Keto Diet: Effect of a cheat day on Keto diet?

Cheat day is a common point of issue in many diets, the ketogenic diet is no exception. When you are on a keto diet, the body uses fat as a fuel source instead of normal glucose fuel. This makes cheat day on a keto diet much worse. 

When you are on a keto diet you should not consume over 50 Grams of carbs a day. It is said that you can take over 50 grams thrice a year. It is said that if you are having a cheat day, try to keep your carb intake between 50 to 75 grams.

When you exceed that limit, your blood sugar level will spike causing your body to switch back to glucose as a fuel source. The Majority of sugar you eat will be used to refresh your glucose store which will cause temporary gain in water weight.

If you had a cheat day when on keto diet. It’s better you plan a post-meal workout. Exercise could help you burn excess carb intake. So being on a keto diet, a cheat day is not recommended. Since cheat day and keto diet don’t mix together.

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