Possibly Gluten Intolerant?

I’ve been trying out a GF diet for approximately 2 weeks now and I’m a little surprised at the difference in some of my symptoms and then also anxious to see if other symptoms will improve with more time. I am 33 and been eating gluten probably most days of my life btw. Who else has an experience like this, where later in life you found gluten has been causing symptoms? I highly doubt that I would be diagnosed with Celiac’s, I’m just assuming my issues would have been more severe my whole life if that was the case. Funny because I used to think non-Celiac gluten sensitivity was just a fad.

I’ve always had “IBS” since childhood. For the first week of GF there was no change. Second week and there is a pretty noticeable difference, not needing to rush to the bathroom 3-4 times a day. I’ve never seen any correlation between what I eat and digestive discomforts but these issues have just been totally normal for me nearly daily for decades. How long did it take for your digestive issues to totally clear up?

I’ve also noticed my stomach looks smaller/flatter. I am a very small person to begin with and always been frustrated that if I’m not sucking in my stomach it looks like I’m 2-3 months preggo. I’m skinny everywhere else so it just seemed weird. The past few days though I’ve been surprised by the mirror showing my stomach to be very thin looking. I suppose it was all bloating? But I just had accepted it as my normal stomach since it’s basically never changed.

I often get plugged up ears directly after eating anything. I just suddenly can’t hear as if when you’re sick. It takes 10min or so for me to be able to pop my ears and can hear again. Always very annoying but I never realized it could be related to a food allergy/issue. I haven’t had this happen once since starting GF.

I have severe rosacea which started to develop in my early 20s. I am really really hoping that GF helps this issue, as nothing else has helped it and it just gets worse and worse. Can’t leave the house without makeup on now and my friends are shocked if they ever see me without. The only improvement so far is that my face around the jawline is often itchy – not severely itchy but just have an urge to scratch that area. Now if I test it out and go to scratch it, it feels normal and I don’t want to scratch. But the actual visible rosacea is unchanged. Has anyone else experienced an improvement with rosacea, and how long did it take??

For the past few years I have struggled with iron deficiency as well. I am not a vegetarian. I literally love steak and eat it several times per month. There is just no way that I’m not getting enough iron in my diet! Now I’m wondering if this will clear up as well?

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