What foods are you intolerant other than gluten?

Hello, I was diagnosed recently with non celiac gluten sensitivity (did the Cyrex Labs Array 3X Test) after years of having been misdiagnosed with stress, anxiety and other nonsense diagnosis. I don’t have gastrointestinal symptoms, my symptoms are unexplainable brain fog and 6 months ago I also developed some mild joint pain in my left knee that was unexplainable since the two MRI I did showed absolutely nothing wrong with my knee, not even mild inflammation or a small tear. My orthopedist said he couldn’t help me because he couldn’t see what was wrong with my knee. The pain wasn’t bad, it was mild but constant and prevented me from lifting weight. I’m 28yo.

Normal celiac blood test showed nothing wrong, I’m negative to alpha gliadin and Transglutaminase-2 but the pain persisted so a doctor had me doing the Cyrex Labs Gluten Test which is much more detailed and it did show I’m intolerant to some gluten proteins. He diagnosed me as having non celiac gluten sensitivity and told me to stop eating gluten. And that probably I should also stop eating dairy, corn and nightshades if I don’t improve within 3 months.

I’m day 2 gluten free and it’s too early to tell if the diet is having an effect, I definitely feel down because my social life will be affected greatly by this diet. But I’m even more worried that I would have to give up other foods like dairy, corn, nightshades and others.

So, the question is…..did you eliminate “only” gluten (wheat, barley, rye) or also other foods? Did you feel better eliminating just gluten? I was told I could take the Cyrex Array 4 to find out but I don’t have the money right now to take that test so need to know some of your experiences!


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