My MIL almost fed me gluten because her own allergy isn’t ‘that bad’.

I need to vent a little because I am upset. My MIL of 5 years always tells me and my partner ‘I made glutenfree X and Y’. Which I always think is super sweet. But last time she ‘made soup’ and left the packaging on the dinner table. ‘It’s glutenfree!’ like usual.

I picked up the packaging and read the ingredients.. wheat. In contained wheat! So my boyfriend called her out and she said ‘well, I’m not celiac.’. So my boyfriend said ‘well, neither is she, but she’ll be in pain for the rest of the week.’ And.She.Shrugged.

Not eating there again. What the actual fuck. I am just wonder how many times she actually fed me gluten. How many times the cramps that I thought were stress related were actually gluten.

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