New Gluten-Free (Celiac) Cooking Channel

Gluten-Free Kitchen

Hey guys! New to reddit and YouTube but I’ve been cooking gluten free for nearly 20 years (I was diagnosed at 11) and I have learned A LOT. Wanted to share some of what I’ve learned cause I know how hard navigating this for the first time can be, and in a lot of ways awareness has led to complacency. Growing up when I ate out and told a restaurant I have Celiac, they would treat it as severely as any other allergy. Now, everyone’s heard of gluten-free, the problem being that no one understands it. I can’t eat out in Los Angeles, even dedicatedly gluten free places have cross contamination because they couldn’t survive on gf margins alone (and have all gone out of business in the 6 years I’ve lived here). Unless it’s a really high end restaurant, there are 4 places I trust not to react.

AND THAT SUCKS. So let’s make the best of this bitch of a disease and become better chefs together. No cure, no choice :).

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