Will a biopsy detect non coeliac gluten intolerance (+ other questions)

Hello. I have almost no symptoms of coeliac disease aside from lots of throat and nasal musus/congestion. I also get migraines which are apparently linked, and have mild teeth enamal issues. No other typical coeliac symptoms I can think of. Do have thyroid enlargement (goiter) and chronic allergies- possibly linked to IGA being low. Anyway,

I’m 19M, and have been trying to track down my cause of hormone issues for over a year now to no avail. My testosterone is low-normal, but way too low for my age. Have majority of low T symptoms, but not all. Stumbled upon a blood test recently where I was IGA deficient, only just out of normal range by 0.1, but my antibody tests came back negative. IgA and IgG. The test also showed iron anemia- too high iron but very low ferritin. Not sure why iron was high but not ferritin. My b12 and D3 were all good, but this may be due to my use of a multivitamin. My total liver protein was also just a bit low- not sure if linked.

My question is- is coeliac possible in my case, or am I more likely to have non coeliac gluten sensitivity, and if I am, can this be diagnosed by biopsy? Another question on the topic too- does NCGS cause damage to intestines and lead to malnutrition, such as my anemia? Or is this only seen in coeliac disease?

Thanks all. I’m hopeful this is the root cause behind all my issues. I’m tired of chasing my problems down and my life is a shit storm as a result right now lol. I never feel good, haven’t for many years.

I’m really thinking of ignoring the biopsy and trying GF for a while to see if it improves my nasal congestion and sorts my hormones out, but i’m not this a good idea- should I wait several months more for a biopsy?. I’m just over feeling crap thats all, this mystery issue has consumed my life for what seems like forever now. Ty!

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