Can you absorb iron from supplements with celiac/NCGS while eating gluten still?

Hello- I believe I have undiagnosed celiac/NCGS. Silent/low symptoms (migraines and nasal cogesion possibly linked- very minor symptoms of celiac that only happen occasionally) but have immunoglobulin IgA issue- which increases risk of gluten tolerance issues by 10 fold apparently. I’m going to get a biopsy asap, but will be a while- but my iron is too high and my ferritin is too low. Have some symptoms of iron deficiency but they could be hormone symptoms (have some other issues going on)

Unsure why I have high iron then low ferritin- but doctor said take iron supplements. My concern is that if I do have celiac or NCGS can I absorb iron despite having a gluten cotaining diet? I have high-normal B12, good normal vitamin D and that’s all i’ve had regarding vitamins and minerals so far. I take a multivitamin daily which has only got a few MG of iron in it. Wasn’t taking it for a week or two prior to blood test, and my diet isn’t full of iron- but isn’t really bad by any means. Would getting another iron test in a few weeks time show I don’t have celiac if the iron supplements work? Or can you still absorb nutrients with celiac/gluten issues? Thanks

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