Gluten allergy??

I have Crohn’s disease, So I don’t normally consume gluten on a regular basis, I try and buy a lot of gluten free stuff just cause. But a few days ago we had a party and I’ve never eaten so much brown bread, Irish soda bread, a croissant the next day, flour tortilla the next day, noodles the next ? … anyway it was a period over a few days where I was just eating a ton of products with gluten in them. My consequences however have been HORRIBLE. Bloated isn’t the word more like swollen. My stomach looks like I’ve gained 10 pounds just in that area. That can’t be possible in that short of time right?? I feel and look so swollen/bloated. I’ve been drinking a lot of peppermint tea, bone broth, I’ve completely cut gluten out two days ago and I’m still so swollen. It’s pretty uncomfortable and I don’t have an appetite because of it. Any tips or recommendations would be really helpful! Or if any of you have gone through something similar? What do you do when you’ve had a lot of gluten and want to feel like yourself again? Help

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