Prilosec Masking Gluten Intolerance?

BACKSTORY: 8 years ago, I was a wreck. I couldn’t eat. I lost weight. I had acid reflux so bad I developed an ulcer and asthmatic symptoms. Things were awful. Nothing got better until I went on Prilosec.

While on Prilosec, things were nearly perfect. I didn’t want to stop. If I missed a daily pill, the heartburn would rage and I’d admonish myself for letting it happen. I was afraid to stop.

CURRENT SITUATION: Now, 8 years later, I finally decided to go off of Prilosec. So I did. It wasn’t easy. I tapered off. But eventually, I finally stopped completely, and faced a couple weeks of really rough heartburn.

Then, about a week later, I had a TON of cereal. I was on a guys weekend and we had cereal as snacks for like 3 days straight. About two days later, my stomach felt like a bomb hit it. Nausea, cramps, bloating. No matter what I ate, it gave me the worst pain. It was like I was back to square one 8 years ago.

I feel fairly confident that I have a gluten intolerance of some sort, and that a weekend of cereal was too much for me. I also used to eat cereal a lot 8 years ago as well. I started looking at gluten symptoms, and I realized that I had many of them. What I thought was GERD may in fact have been caused by a gluten intolerance.

BUT, there is one thing that perplexes me. If I have a gluten intolerance, why would I not have had stomach cramps while on Prilosec? I get that Prilosec might have helped with the acid reflux symptoms of gluten intolerance, and maybe the bloating, too. But I literally would have had no idea I had ANY gluten intolerance while on Prilosec. I thought I just had plain old GERD. I can’t think of any times during the 8 medicated years that I felt any gluten symptoms at all. And I did munch on cereal plenty during that time.

Is it possible that Prilosec masked my gluten symptoms? If so, how? I want to understand what happened and is currently happening to me. I want to get to the bottom of why I felt so miserable the last couple weeks after that weekend trip. I “think” gluten is a cause, but I don’t feel like I can say it with 100% certainty until I understand why things were so good on Prilosec.

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