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As far as IF is concerned, Schehr was sure to emphasize that she’s a big fan: “I think it’s a great style of eating. I think it helps people really focus on the food they should be eating and it helps us avoid eating at night, which is when we’re looking for nurturing or comfort subconsciously—so I’m a very big fan.”

The keto diet, however, doesn’t get as glowing of a review. “I’m not as much a fan of people using a very scientific modality like ketosis to try to induce weight loss without much behavioral change,” she notes. “I’ve seen it work in some situations, but most people cannot sustain [keto]. And I can’t say it’s the healthiest.”

And not only that, but Schehr explains combining the two practices doesn’t guarantee going into ketosis faster. “For some people it could take three days; for some it could take 12,” she says, “depending on how your body metabolizes and uses carbs, fats, and protein.”

Ultimately, it’s easy to be enticed by the promise of a quick-fix solution to weight loss. But the reality is, making healthy changes isn’t always easy, but they are what will make the most impact in the long run. “The most successful people in the world of weight are the ones who make consistent changes. That’s never what’s promoted in the fad diet world, and I think it backfires on us. So I’m really conscious of the idea that someone thinks by just doing one thing for 20 days, it’s going to change a lifetime of behavior—and that’s just not true.”

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