What else affects you guys besides Gluten?

Hi everyone, I have just started following the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet as suggested by a doctor who wrote a book about it. She mentions that a bunch of stuff can cause cross-reactivity or inflammation if you are someone on the autoimmune spectrum. I am not on the autoimmune spectrum (i don’t have any autoimmune diseases like celiac) but I am quite certain that gluten and some other foods have been causing me horrific lifelong depression and anxiety. Currently, I am off gluten but also the following which apparently can cause cross-reactivity or inflammation:

Amaranth, buckwheat, chocolate, coffee, dairy, eggs, hemp, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, sesame, sorghum, soy, spelt, tapioca, corn, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, potatoes nuts, seeds, legumes (lentils, peas, beans etc)

As you can see it is long f*ing list.

Could you guys please tell me (those who are not celiac but for whom going gluten free helped with depression/anxiety) what foods from this list or other foods create or worsen psychological issues for you guys just like gluten does?

I am having trouble eliminating so many foods from my diet and trying to figure out what really needs to be eliminated and what is ok to eat or anecdotally what’s worked for others.

Thank you!

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