Anyone get dizzy after eating?

My mom is gluten sensitive and my dad had celiac. I stopped eating gluten to combat my vitiligo in 2016. In 2017, I started eating it again and I got more vitiligo throughout the year, so in mid 2018 I cut gluten out again. However when I tried to go back to gluten, I found that I’d get gas, a lot of belching and feeling like there was gas in my esophagus(TMI I know), indigestion and a sore throat.

After I went GF, I found that sugar bothered me a lot. Like I would get stabbing pain in my stomach and heart palpitations. I did an A1C blood test for diabetes and it came back negative.

I accidentally had too much caffeine at the end of last year and I have been having health problems ever since. I get dizzy when I eat most foods (with the exception of bland meat by itself, fruit, some veggies excluding cauliflower and nightshades, gluten free crackers, eggs, cheese, and sometimes I can eat corn). Originally, only caffeine made me dizzy after I had too much of it. But then I wasn’t thinking and ate a handful of dark chocolate and now it’s almost every food.

I moved in with my boyfriend a month before this happened and I was eating gluten a little more often since he isn’t GF and I kept getting tempted by snacks lol. The first thing that made me dizzy was cereal I didn’t realize had wheat in it. Then later that morning I had a Nature Valley biscuit with oats that weren’t certified GF and that also made me dizzy. The only thing is both of those things are high in sugar.

I could also eat bread and rice with beans back then, but now I can’t have grains at all.

My doctor has no clue what’s causing it. Does anyone have any idea or experience anything like this? It’s driving me nuts.

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