Coffee and or gluten free coffee. Yes? No?

I was tested for celiac disease twice in the past few years and both times the test came up negative. That being said, I definitely react to gluten so I have cut it out of my diet along with dairy. Both of them give my major stomach upset, skin problems etc. Still getting joint pain though, just curious if anyone in this group that has gluten issues also has issues with coffee? I am a big coffee drinker and I have read through some studies saying it can also cause issues for people who are gluten sensitive. Testing negative for everything but having the autoimmune symptoms is terrible because there is no clear cut answer. Some days it is like a maze trying to find the things that I can and cant have hoping that I stumble upon the right mix of diet to ease the symptoms. I know coffee is gf but is there anyone that reacts to it regardless if it is gf.

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