Went GF for over 3 months then ate gluteny stuff to see what would happen

As post says I went GF starting in late Dec 2019, because I’ve been suffering from LPR silent reflux and gas for many years plus other symptoms like TMJ. Glutenfree definitely helped reduce my LPR and gas substantially. TMJ not so much.

But I guess the virus panic inspired me to eat some gluten and see what happened, so I pigged out for 2 days, and my gas and LPR came back with a vengeance immediately. I have been burping nonstop for 2 days and feeling acid creeping up. Going back to GF asap.

I’ve tested negative for celiac repeatedly (from blood draws, not biopsy) so I think I’m at least gluten intolerant or sensitive.

Anyone else done something like this and what does it reveal aside from the obvious?

I’m also trying NAC to see if it helps.

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