Gluten and lactose intolerant

Hello, I have been lactose and gluten intolerant my whole life. I had a period where I would eat anything, because my stomach didn’t feel too bad after doing so. But over the last 10 months or so it has been really bad, and I have lost a lot of weight because I can’t keep anything in my stomach (gluten and lactose free or not). So I have for the last month and a half been eating strictly gluten and lactose free which has worked out okay since I have been able to maintain my weight, but I can’t seem to gain any of the lost weight back. I’m 18 and male, 181cm (5ft11) and weighs 58kgs(127 pounds). Do anyone have some tips on what to eat, since it is very limited what I can eat without getting stomach problems? And in general have any idea on how to gain weight in my situation? Thanks in advance.

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