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At the beginning of the quarter (English) we picked a disease to write about for the quarter, I chose Celiac Disease. As part of my final I am to do an interview with someone who has the disease. On my mothers side, my grandfather has celiac disease, and on my father’s side, my aunt and grandmother have celiac disease. They are all kind of stressing out about the Corona virus so I would rather not bug them with a bunch of questions.

If someone wouldn’t mind answering a few questions I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

  1. What symptoms did you have that led to your diagnosis?

  2. At what age did you develop celiac disease?

  3. What was the testing process like?

  4. What changes to your lifestyle had to be made after your diagnosis?

  5. How has your diet changed? Do you support your diet w/ supplements?

  6. What has the treatment and healing process been like?

  7. How did you feel when you received your diagnosis?

  8. What is the hardest part of living with celiac disease?

  9. What is a common misunderstanding you get from people who do not have celiac?

  10. How often do you accidentally consume gluten? How does it affect you?

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