Years ago I ordered these in case of emergency. Checked and they are still good if I need them.

My daughter and I discovered this company years ago when we were looking for some gf flour blends. We found their french bread bread (?) blend and bought a couple of tins. And yes, I mean tins. It came in , I think 5 pound tins, since this company specializes in long term food products, this was good for 10 years! This flour blend worked for our cookies, cakes, pizza crust, everything and anything we wanted to use it with! So we would buy it 6 tins at a time, one to two times a year. Until….They. Stopped. Making. It. ?? this was last year. We still are trying to find an all around flour that works for everything, with an affordable price.

They do have other gf foods available on their website, and I’m pretty sure everything has a shelf life of 10 years.

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