I can’t seem to get this right, I followed the recipe EXACTLY and my bread’s only 1 inch tall and SUPER dense. I’ve made 2 attempts at baking my bread, but it’s just not going right.

One thing I’ve noticed folks often miss when baking GF.

Xanthan gum requires activation.

In non-GF baking, you’re either creating gluten (by kneading) or trying very hard not to create it (like in pancakes, you just stir enough to bring everything together.)

When you add your gum, you need to mix hard for about 2-3 minutes to really get the xanthan to do its job.

This flour, if available where you are, can be your go-to for just about every kind of GF baking.


Don’t get the “all-purpose” red label, it’s not the same and has a lot of garbanzo in it, which has a heavy flavor profile.

The 1-to-1 already has xanthan in it, but I always add more.

Whenever you use yeast – make sure you’re activating it in some sugary liquid that belongs in the recipe. I’ve had non-expired yeast fail before, more than a few times actually.

Also, when doing GF breads, the type and size of loaf pans are pretty specific. Substitutions can go off the rails easily.

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