Looking for a simple GF recipe for a hapless husband to make

I’m the husband?. My wife and I are home doing the quarantine thing. She’s not well right now (NOT Coronavirus?) and I’m in charge of making food….well I sort of am because she is very scared of me cooking. But I’m at a loss, and not sure what to do. This is what I have, along with a few staples. It’s not a long list

Various broths

Rice (instant & regular)


Peppers (green and yellow), cabbage, rutabaga(?),

Lots of condiments

Almond flour


GF pasta

Cans of crushed tomatoes

Ground beef

Beans (canned and dry)

Maybe this isn’t the place to ask, if so I apologize….maybe someone could direct me. Thank you in advance. Remember, I’m a simpleton in the kitchen, although I can do some basics

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