Bean and cheese pupusas! Anyone else in love with this marvel of Salvadorian cuisine?

If anyone is curious here’s how I make mine:

Mix 1 cup of Maseca with just under 1 cup of warm filtered water and a teaspoon of salt, stir. Let sit a few minutes.

I warm up a few tablespoons of bacon fat in a skillet on medium, I find the bacon fat is absolute key as the cooking oil, but of course can keep vegetarian too.

Divide the 1 cup of Masa mix into 4 equal balls. Make the dough into a cup shape, and fill with about a tablespoon of refried beans and a small square of cheese or grated cheese. Fold the sides of the cup over the filling and then flatten into a disc. It’s okay if the filling oozes out, it gets crunchy in the pan later!

Cook for exactly 4 minutes on each side, adding a bit more bacon grease after the flip. Sprinkle with salt.

Serve with hot sauce and pickled veggies!

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