Vegetable Tagine Recipe

Tagine is a food culture of the Moroccan and Algerian countries. Tagine is a shallow earthen pot which has a tall lid and food cooked in tagine tastes amazing. Dishes made of tagine are usually slow cooked mostly on fire or grill, these days the tagine is cooked in oven too.

Vegetable Tagine a mix of root vegetables cooked slowly in a tagine along with spices. Usually there is at least one dry fruit added to a tagine dish. Moroccan dish is not complete without dry fruits like dates, apricots, prunes, etc. In this vegetable tagine, I have added prunes. The special spice mix that goes into this tagine called chermoula paste is the most important ingredient to this dish. The amazing combinations of spice, sweet and sour makes this tagine a perfect dish.

Serve Vegetable Tagine on its own for a weekend dinner with a glass of chilled wine.

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