Keto Dalgona Coffee – Sugar Free & Gluten free

Today I thought we would have some fun and make this 4 ingredient Dalgona Coffee. This Keto Dalgona coffee, also called a whipped coffee, or Macau Coffee, is trending as Tiktok coffee. This is a barista style coffee that is so easy to make – and you can use your favorite milk, such as almond milk, macadamia milk, soy milk or even coconut milk. This version of Dalgona coffee is delicious, and best of all it is a sugar free coffee, so is perfect for Keto, low carb, Banting, and diabetic diet needs. This keto, sugar free, whipped Dalgona coffee can also be made into a refreshing iced coffee that will be a summer go-to coffee. This recipe perfectly uses simple ingredients such as instant coffee, Lakanto monk fruit sweetener, Swerve, or other sweetener of your choice – ground to a confectioners powder, and warm water in a 1:1:1 ratio. Although it is faster and easier to whip the coffee into a medium peak stage with an electric blender, you can also make this by hand using just a whisk. This fun, tasty, frothy coffee is a food treat from South Korea, but which originated in Macau, and that is becoming popular all over the world. Why not give this a try while you are staying at home during this COVID-19 self-quarantine period? Everyone, please stay safe and healthy!

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