thinking i my be sensitive to gluten (poop talk TMI)

please help male in high school

about 9 months ago i had a horrible stomach bug that almost made me pass out / go to the hospital because i was in so much abdominal pain. i was horribly faint, pale, massive diarrhea, fever and vomiting everything disapted about 2-3 days later and i was fine.

then within the next two months i started having problems pooping / gas (had to go more often like twice a day); i went through puberty pretty late so i was convinced maybe hormones had to do with my bowel changes? i was left feeling pressure after a bm like my bowels weren’t empty. had massive anxiety about it which probably made things worse.

fast forward about 4 months i started reflecting on my diet thinking that could be the problem; started really thinking about was i eating and realized i eat A LOT of food with gluten; it’s mainly my initial snack option, and i probably ate it with every meal somewhat. i would eat toast for breakfast very often and it would almost immediately result in my running to the bathroom that morning. i had the same effect with oatmeal. it got to point where i would begin preparing it and felt like i had to shit. more detail on my symptoms: soft?? stools? i did my research at looked the bristol stool chart my poops have been a number 5 basically ever since i got sick. they also appear to be somewhat orange sometimes and they float.

im now wondering if a virus stomach bug issue has the possibly of caused stomach problems that associated with certain foods? I’ve been gluten free for about 5 days and already my latest poop looks much more solid which is really promising. surprise= had pasta in soup tonight by accident so im hella pissed at myself :/ and im hoping it won’t be enough for my body to massively react but i don’t know.

decided im going to try to stick to being GF for a month, or least another week or two to see if any of my bowel problems lessen (sort of elimination diet style) please; has ANYONE experienced any of these symptoms?

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