What gluten free certifications/governing bodies do you follow? (A discussion, hopefully)

There are numerous gluten free governing bodies out there. I think it would be interesting and useful to know more about these, and why people follow them.

For example, I swear by products certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. (They hav the bold GF logo in a circle, usually accompanied by the words “Certified Gluten Free”.) The products bearing this logo are guaranteed to be 10 ppm or lower, which is a standard that matches my overly sensititve reaction to even small traces of gluten.

By contrast, I believe products bearing the gluten free certification from the Canadian Celiac Association are only (I believe) guaranteed to be under 20 ppm. That’s good for most people, but I suspect it is too high a limit for me based on previous experience.

I’m interested in learning what others have to say. What do you look for? Why? Any insight is appreciated here.

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