Looking for help troubleshooting my gf sourdough experiment


  • It’s overpoweringly sour. Is there something in my recipe causing/contributing to this, or is it a problem with the ferment?

  • If I’m using flax and chia seeds as binders, do I still need guar gum? (I don’t have xanthan gum or psyllium husk available. Side question: any recommendations for getting psyllium husk that’s fully gluten free? All the ones I found when I looked were processed in facilities that processed wheat. :/ )

  • It’s a bit too moist inside. Not unbearably so, but still. Any recommendations for tweaking the recipe to reduce this?


  • Starter: 15g brown rice flour, 15g buckwheat flour, 30g water, discard and fed every 12 hours

  • Levain: 70g starter, 40g brown rice flour, 55g water, ferment at room temp overnight (Note: I think this was too much water. It seemed active in the morning, but had separated out into a dense, watery layer and a fluffier, active layer.)

  • Dough: 165g levain, 175g water, 3g guar gum, 5g ground flax, 5g whole chia, 50g brown rice flour, 50g buckwheat flour, 45g potato starch, 15g corn starch, 10g sugar, 3g salt (loosely trying to follow this recipe using the things I have available.) It was a wet dough, mixed by hand and put in an oiled glass baking dish. Proofed in a warm oven for about 6 hours. (Note: it was definitely overproofed, by about an hour.) Baked at 400F for 60min.


Hi all. I have a bit of experience with sourdough, but the world of gluten free is new to me. I’m spending quarantine time with someone who’s gluten free though, and I’d love to be able to make fresh bread I can share with my gluten free friends, so I thought I’d give gluten free sourdough a whirl. I got a starter going three weeks ago following this recipe, minus apple and kefir. It’s been struggling a little; it took quite a while to get active compared to my wheat starter, and while it has lots of small bubbles, it doesn’t rise much. I’ve begun to suspect the low rise is due to the combined coarseness of my flours/weight of the buckwheat/lack of any binders, rather than lack of activity, so I figured I’d give it a chance. The dough rose great, I was pleased with the crumb, the texture was a little moist but not bad, springy and holds together well. But the flavor is really too sour to eat. So much so that I honestly can’t tell what the rest of the flavor is even like. Is this likely from the overproof? I will say that the starter itself doesn’t smell lovely the way my wheat one does, which makes me worry it’s not happy, but A) I don’t know how it should smell, and B) I think wet buckwheat flour smells weird to begin with.

This is being a very steep learning curve for me, since all of these flours, starches, and binders are things I’ve barely even worked with before, and every source I read about this process has different things to say about them. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!

Crumb shot for the curious. Forgive the odd shape; I about halved the recipe to reduce wasting flour, and it was too small to go in my bread pan, so I improvised.

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