Tonkotsu Ramen all from scratch

Hello all, thank you for the love, here is the recipe I based mine off, he guy in the video uses spine (backbone), but neck bone works just as well if you can’t find backbone. The recipe called for these ingredients that commonly contain wheat; Mirin, Shaoxing Wine, Usukuchi Shoyu (a lighter colour, saltier soy sauce) and Chilli Bean Sauce. Most Chilli Bean Sauces contain wheat flour as a thickener but I managed to find a brand called Chung Jung One that make a “Hot Pepper Paste” that contains soy bean, and was the only one that was Coeliac friendly. The mirin I used was just Manjo Mirin, I swapped the Usukuchi Shoyu for Ayam brand Light Soy Sauce, and upon research for alternatives to Shaoxing wine, Cooking Sake was deemed a suitable substitute. I wanted to steer from rice noodles if I could find an alternative that resembled wheat flour noodles (making my own did not work) rice noodles actually did work pretty well. The “secret red sauce” tasted more like Sichuan Pepper due to the chilli bean sauce, but did not overpower the dish. As far as finding gluten free Soy Sauces, it’s so much easier these days.

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