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I’ve posted over in Celiac a few times about my recent issues with getting proper testing done. Long story short, for 5ish years I knew something was up with my digestion, but just about a year ago things turned worse. I spent about 7 months going downhill fast and had 3 endoscopies which found many things, other than Celiac. But, I had been GF and at this point have not had an adequate text-book biopsy done. So, I can only really claim to be intolerant at this point but I really think I might be beginning stages of Celiac…..really bad.

I’ve been really adamant about cooking at home and we’re 99% GF in the household (dog treats and my wife’s ‘real’ bread). I’ve been on a good streak for about 4 months now. Feeling pretty good for the most part. Gained back some much needed weight, taking high Vitamin D (was severely deficient). That is until last week. I purchased frozen Springer Breaded Chicken Strips ( ) and ate some last week. They say Gluten Free in a large bold font on the front and ingredients seem safe. But, just like the old days with my reaction, 1 day later the migraine started, then the intermittent nausea, then the sharp stomach pains, then.. well, you know. It’s been 6 days now and getting a little better.

Few question if anyone cares to respond.

  1. Has anyone had these before and what was your experience? This is the only thing I can think of that’s new to me in the past 4 months of being fairly healthy.

  2. Is it possible to feel sharp stabbing pain in the duodenum? I had a stomach ulcer before but last endo said it was gone, but after that endo (and doing a gluten challenge for 1 day to try to get a biopsy), I had a new stabbing pain where I think the duodenum is. It’s not constant, it just happens out of nowhere and can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes here and there. I asked my doc about it last endo 4 months ago and he said the scope wouldn’t cause that pain and it was maybe the gluten. So, here I am 4 months later and this pain is back and all my other symptoms too. Also, where my stomach ulcer used to hurt, the sharp stabbing pain is back there too (left side).

  3. Do any of you get excessively sweaty feet from exposure? Mine get drenched sometimes.

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