Matar Masala Tofu Recipe

This is a low-fat vegan recipe, extremely delicious to taste for those who have already introduced tofu in their daily diet. For others who already know the important nutritional values of tofu but still thinking how to introduce in the main course then this recipe will help them find a way to balance with native Indian taste.

Here it is used as a substitute for paneer recipe. Tofu, a component in Asian cuisine has gained much popularity due to its high protein content that simply help to lose body weight, lowers cholesterol, good source of iron, calcium and antioxidants.

Serve Matar Masala Tofu Recipe along with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha and Palak Raita for a delicious lunch.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other Tofu Recipes for your everyday meals:

  1. Kadhai Tofu Sabji Recipe
  2. Tofu Stir Fry Curry Recipe
  3. Tofu Scramble Recipe
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Are Kombucha And Probiotics Responsible For Your Recurrent UTI?

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When I first discovered kombucha on a trip to Boston, I was on an extreme health kick and tried it for it the supposed health benefits. We didn’t have kombucha yet in the country I lived in, but after returning home and convincing a local grocery store to bring it in, I was able to […]

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RDs! We’re Hiring! Looking To Fill A Full-Time Permanent Position With My New Venture Constant Health (Telecommuters Welcome!)

Since 2004, Constant Health’s expert team has been at the forefront behavioural weight management, and now, by leveraging the best that technology has to offer, the goal is to share that expertise while eliminating geographic boundaries. Our headquarters are in Ottawa, but our team stretches across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver.

We believe that there is no one best way to lose weight, but rather that every individual has a healthiest life that they can enjoy and Constant Health is there to try to help people cultivate theirs and in so doing, help them to find their best weights.

Using the latest research into weight management, behavioural psychology, and nutrition, Constant Health’s data driven approach provides the regular feedback required both for clients to improve their weights, but also for our team to continually improve our technology.

In addition to our strong clinical team, we have a team of experienced professionals with deep expertise in mobile design, development, integration, and project delivery for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

If you have a passion for health, fitness, and technology we’d love to hear from you.

Job description

Constant Health, a dietitian delivered chronic disease management company that utilizes its own proprietary behavioural intervention technology tools is looking for a permanent full time dietitian to join our professional and unique team.

We are looking for an individual who loves working with people and technology, is great at multi-tasking, is a team player, thrives off of challenges and responsibility, and wants to utilize his or her skills in making a dramatic positive difference in people’s lives.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Collaboration with interprofessional team members.
  • One-on-one virtual counselling sessions via Constant Health’s proprietary platform to motivate and help patients live the healthiest lives they can with an emphasis on diabetes and/or weight management
  • Design individualized nutrition plans based on each individuals’ unique lifestyles, and dietary likes and dislikes.
  • Write for Constant Health’s different social media outlets: Website, blog, vlog, and monthly newsletter.

The skills you’ll need:

  • Exceptionally strong motivational counselling skills.
  • Must have excellent listening skills, empathetic and sensitive to patient’s needs. We do not ever utilize negative reinforcement in our counselling.
  • Able to adapt nutrition advice to recent scientific research with thoughtful critical appraisal and for a wide variety of diets – from keto and intermittent fasting, to balanced deficits, to plant-based whole foods, to everything in between, because at Constant Health we recognize that the key to long term success is actually enjoying your chosen diet.
  • Must be innovative and give patients realistic and helpful nutrition advice.
  • Positive and non-restrictive approach to weight management.
  • Comfortable giving presentations.
  • Possess sound professional judgment, initiative and enthusiasm.
  • Good time management skills and ability to organize.
  • Excellent computer skills, and comfort with social media
  • Strong cooking skills.

The requirements we’re looking for:

  • Minimum one year of clinical experience
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and in good standing (or willingness and ability to join).
  • Master level clinicians and/or Certified Diabetes Educators are preferred, although not required.
  • Previous experience working in weight management and diabetes care is an asset.

Because we are looking for the best candidate our wages are highly competitive with those in the community ($59K – 70K/year depending on qualifications) and after the 3 month probation period, medical and dental benefits are part of our package.

Interested candidates can send along their CV to careers @

We look forward to hearing from and meeting with you.

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Badusha Recipe | Balushahi Recipe – Sweet Indian Doughnut

Badusha or Balushahi is a recipe for a crunchy sweetened Indian doughnut-like dessert. A favorite during Diwali among other special occasions, this is a labor of love. My mother never failed to make this recipe and I have kept up with her tradition and make in my home for Diwali every year too. After years of experimenting, I have arrived at the perfect method for making this sweet and hope you enjoy making it as well.

Serve these Balushahi/ Badusha as a perfect Sweet for any festive occasion.

You can also try some other popular traditional sweets that can be prepared at home too like:

  1.  Beetroot Halwa,Golpapdi 
  2.  Adadiya Ladwa.
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